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How to Copy and Paste on Facebook? step by step with pic’s

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Copy and paste everything on Facebook including text, audio, video, status etc.

Facebook is a very popular social media platform and we can use it in our everyday routine but what if we found something interesting and want to copy it and paste it from Facebook to our mobile or want to send it with someone else so what to do. Then must check this guide in which we cover all the thing in detail.

simple trick without using mouse

  • Use control + c for copying data from Facebook and paste it anywhere.
 Copy and Paste on Facebook
  • Paste data using control + v where you want.
paste pic
  • Facebook uses the device’s clipboard to store copied items temporarily before a paste it somewhere

In this article, we are going to cover copy and paste on Facebook using a Desktop browser and mobile application and with the help of images in detail.

Copy and paste on Facebook using a desktop browser

If you are using Facebook and love an article, a snippet or someone else post you can copy and paste on Facebook by following these steps.

 Copy and Paste on Facebook
  • Go to someone else post which you want to copy from Facebook
how to copy data from facebook
  • Select the text by clicking which you want to copy. and then click on copy in a specific way which is shown above or CONTROL + C.
  • If you are using window use control + c but if you are using Mac ,then press Command + c.
click on paste
  • Now you have to go to your story or create a post and click paste by using control + v on the window and if you are using Mac then use command + v and paste it.

what happen if you click on a post and get a message like the content is not available right now check this article.

Copy and paste on Facebook using mobile app

if you are using mobile app then copy and paste on facebook is more reliable and easy check these steps for copying text on facebook. Screen shot from android app is below .

  • Open and log into the Facebook app. By entering email or mobile with your password.
click on app
  • Go on a post by scrolling and click on the text you want to copy by selecting.
copy text
  • Click on copy and go to your story where you want to paste data from Facebook.
  • Press and hold on hyperlinks or tags within the post to copy and paste them elsewhere.
  • Copy text is store in your mobile clipboard by general now paste it.
paste images

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  • We can also use notepad of our mobile to download data which we copy from Facebook.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WhatsApp-Image-2021-06-25-at-8.45.27-PM-6-512x1024.jpeg

download images on Facebook from desktop

  • select a image which you want to copy and then download
 Copy and Paste on Facebook
  • now click on three dot on the left top and click download or copy it
  • Now click download and pic is save on you memory.

download image on mobile application

  • if you want to down load pic login to your account and click on the selected image which you want to download
  • then open and click on three dot on right top
  • click on save to mobile phone

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